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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Audits for non-transport related industries.


Delta Bus Consultancy can provide you with a range of Quality Audits to ISO 9001:2015 standards.


Chris Lee from Delta Bus Consultancy is a CQI/IRCA Qualified Lead Audit who can guide you through the complexities of Quality Audits.


Quality Audits review the systems, procedures, and improvements an organisation undertakes to ensure that its deliverables meet customer requirements.


Whether the organisation is a sole trader, limited company or PLC, whether it is supplier or being supplied, there must be assurance that a deliverable product is achieving the quality criteria set by the next link in the logistics supply chain.

Thus if you are a baker supplying breakfast rolls to a hotel, the hotel may request that an audit is undertaken of all or part of your processes. They don’t want their customers complaining about stale rolls, so how do you ensure your products are fresh? What do you do with out of date products? How do you handle issues and complaints?


Similarly, in order to satisfy these demands, you may wish to review your suppliers. Where does the flour come from? What hygiene standards are undertaking during milling? Do they use fair trade products?

Quality Audits also come in three main types:


  • First party audits – where an organisation reviews its own internal processes, products and systems.
  • Second party audits – where an organisation which has a contract with another organisation needs assurance that the contracted organisation’s processes, products or systems are to the standard described in their contract.
  • Third party audits – where an organisation wishes to achieve an external industry standard (typically ISO 9001:2015 Quality standard) to assure its customers that its deliverables will meet an industry standard.

As an independent external auditor, Delta Bus Consultancy will provide an unbiased, ethical and fair assessment of your processes, products or systems, and reach evidence based decisions and clear, justified conclusions.


Any improvements that are required will be highlighted in a timely report. The methods of undertaking those improvements are your decision as part of a corrective action plan, and the effectiveness of the plan will normally be reviewed by audit at a later stage.

As we are an independent, external auditor, we can assist you with first, second or third party audits.

Contact us to learn more and discuss your issues or concerns.